Event Overview

While evidence-based practice has been a buzzword for the last 10 years, few clinics have been able to operationalize this tenant of modern medicine effectively. Chief among the challenges has been access to insights on how patients respond to selected interventions.

In 2013 Kintec developed its Kiwi clinical software management tool ostensibly as a way to conveniently document and archive patient encounters; however, we began to realize Kiwi offered additional benefits beyond enhanced record keeping. In 2017, Kintec launched its Kiwi Database Project and -over the last six years has been able to amass a staggering profile of over 70,000 cases across its Kintec and Walking Mobility locations.

A database of this size allows for unique insights into both defining the practice profile of foot care in Canada as well as interrogating specific questions around optimizing treatment plans for a particular condition. For instance, did you know that individuals with high arches are at a similar risk of experiencing plantar fasciitis?

Join us in an interactive discussion as we unpack this data set and how it can be used to optimize conservative care for common conditions you may see in your practice, including low back pain, knee arthritis, hip/gluteal pain, and plantar fasciitis.


Every attendee will receive a free One2One fitting experience at any Kintec Group location.

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