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Foot pronation is a fundamental to human gait. The ability of the mid-tarsal joints to decouple and increase their mobility provides important benefits for shock attenuation and lower limb adaptability. However, pronation has also been implicated for virtually every lower-extremity injury we have a name for! Clinicians must reconcile the biomechanical necessity of pronation with the potential risk that an excessive amount of this series of movements places on the patient.

This webinar will be the first of a two-part series that dives deep into our understanding of the role of foot posture on the risk of injury. We begin by providing a biomechanical overview of pronation and its role in gait before segueing to the consequences of when there's an excessive amount of this posture. In order to assist clinicians understand the determinants of 'excessive', this webinar will feature simple screening techniques you can use to lend insight on whether your patient may be at risk. Lastly, we will touch on some of the techniques Kintec uses to identify the role of pronation in injury including static foot posture assessment, as well as video and pressure-distribution analysis of gait.

Presented by Michael Ryan PhD, C. Ped (C) 

Foot Posture Series: Over Pronation: Screening tools for when some is too much.
Wednesday, March 3, 2021

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The Webinar/Presentation is from 5:00pm-6:00pm PST, which includes a 15-minute period for questions.

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