Event Overview

Plantar heel pain is an exceedingly common condition that 1 in 10 Canadians will experience at some point in their lifetime. While 80% of these cases will resolve within 6-months, those patients that don't improve languish in debilitating pain that interferes with their work and activities of daily living. 
This seminar will cover a review of our contemporary understanding of the pathophysiology of 'plantar fasciitis', discuss options to exhaust conservative care, and lastly touch on more advanced physiatry-based treatment options for the recalcitrant patient. 
Kaila Holtz MD FRCPC
Dip Sports Med and Title 
Physiatrist & Medical Director, Triumph Health
Michael Ryan PhD, C Ped. (C)
VP Brand & Innovation, Kintec Footwear & Orthotics

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